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Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton 1783-1800 Essay Example for Free

Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton 1783-1800 Essay The post-progressive war time of the Unites States saw the foundation of the main party framework and an extending hole in perspectives between the affluent and the normal man. One may contend that an ideological group creates in light of a progression of dubious issues yet by and large the conflicting perspectives on Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson over issues identified with perspectives on government, the job of government and social way of thinking in outside and household undertakings, were fundamentally liable for forming the ascent of ideological groups from 1783-1800. Initially dreaded by the ancestors, the ascent of ideological groups rose up out of exceptional ideological battles diagrams of government between two political pioneers imperative to President Washington’s Cabinet, Alexander Hamilton as Secretary of the Treasury and Thomas Jefferson as Secretary of State. Alexander Hamilton applied the most impact inside the recently developing Federalist Party. He accepted that lone an edified decision class could create a solid, steady and compelling central government. The administration thusly required the help of rich men and the advancement of assembling premiums. Thomas Jefferson and the Republicans protected more the privileges of the regular man and an agrarian culture with restricted force from the government. His fundamental guideline was grounded in a conviction that the individuals had a more legit and uninvolved impact in governmental issues than the well off. The Republican Party pulled in a greater amount of the average citize ns while the Federalist Party drew support from the nobility. Albeit neither one of the sides was happy to admit to it, these organizations were known as the primary party framework. The two gatherings position on who ought to have more influence in the administration added to the to a great extent various perspectives on the normal man and the well off man. Hamilton and Jefferson’s contrasts in social way of thinking over the understanding of the Constitution and the foundation of a national bank additionally reinforced the ascent of set up ideological groups. Federalists required the national obligation to be supported and wanted to make an enormous national bank credited by rich men. Hamilton protected it in an arrangement introduced to Congress by asserting the general idea of the Constitution took into consideration enterprises to help with completing by â€Å"all means† important that which is required to do the obligations of government. Whenever allowed, this vein of thinking introduced an expansive understanding of the Co nstitution, one that depended upon the â€Å"elastic clause† to legitimize what is consideredâ â€Å"necessary and proper†. Jefferson and the Republicans felt the bank was unlawful and his assessment on the Constitutionality of a National Bank (1791) required an exacting or strict understanding that drew upon a way of thinking of government that expressed forces not appointed had a place, or better, are saved, for the individuals and the states. This incorporated the joining of a bank which isn't a designated power given to government in the Constitution. Hamilton’s answer can be found in a letter to George Washington that contended for a wide understanding of the Constitution because it provided for the legislature assigned and suggested powers. Generally, all forces considered â€Å"necessary and proper† for the satisfaction of assigned obligations are established, similar to the joining of a bank. This got known as the versatile condition and would be applied in later discussions over protected translation. The two gatherings response to the Constitutionality of a national bank show their differentiating convictions in how the Constitution was to be deciphered. Ending up being a significant purpose of conflict between the creating sides, Federalists additionally required an extract assessment to be put on distillers of liquor. The Whiskey Rebellion was the inescapable outcome of the establishment of this duty. Hamilton contended in his endeavors to smother the Whiskey Boys that the individuals, in sanctioning the Cons titution, had enabled the focal government to burden to take care of obligations and accommodating the nation’s safeguard. Since the Constitution had not been changed in opposition to those forces Hamilton accepted that President Washington had been legitimized in demanding the assessment and the Whiskey Rebellion was in this way an unjustified resistance that should have been put somewhere near the focal government. The Republicans, exceptionally dubious of tax collection as the American pilgrims had once been, didn't accept the extract expense to be established and praised the Whiskey Rebellion as a demonstration of ensuring rights against a harsh government activity. The individuals must be the defend of the new Republic. The Federalist political animation Mad Tom in a Rage depicted Thomas Jefferson as an alcohol splashed rebel helped by the fiend so as to cut the administration down. The responses to the Whiskey Rebellion reflect how the Federalists and Republicans varied in their translation of the Constitution. In social way of thinking, the two legislators explained their party’s contradiction over international strategy concerns with respect to the â€Å"revolution† in France. When the French Revolution developed to its most extreme pinnacle the Federalists responded with ghastliness as residents toppled the gentry. In propelling the New Ship of State Hamilton said he didn't consider the To be Revolution as practically identical to the American Revolution and questioned if a â€Å"free and great government† was probably going to result from the war in France. Thomas Jefferson’s reaction was to stretch the likely result of the Revolution, how it would profit the entire of humanity, which means the regular man, and how this outcome must be won with the spilling of blood, in this way legitimizing the abundances of brutality for the sake of republicanism. Numerous Republicans even imitated French Jacobins in dress and in talking. As strain in Europe developed Federalists supported a partnership with Great Britain while Republicans for the most part preferred a more noteworthy union to the French. Jay’s Treaty was for the most part observed as a Hamiltonian move to improve the probability of a political relationship with Britain more than one with France. The contrast between the Federalist and Republican social ways of thinking in regards to outside relations is most effortlessly observed among Hamilton and Jefferson’s various responses to the French Revolution. At the point when the Federalists attempted to quietness the Republican restriction the outcome was the immensely disagreeable Alien and Sedition Acts went under the Federalist administration of John Adams. The Alien Act requested all outsiders thought about perilous to leave the United States. Subsequently numerous Republicans discovered quite a bit of its help developed inside the country. The Sedition Act Read That if any individual w ill compose, print, express, or publish.scandalous and malevolent works against the administration of the United Statessuch individual will be rebuffed. The Sedition Act indicted ten men the vast majority of whom were Republicans news editors censuring the Federal government. The Republicans deciphered these laws as an endeavor to crush them and abuse the standards of free discourse. They retaliated with the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions. The Virginia Resolution brought up how the Acts disregarded the privileges of free discourse ensured in the Constitution. Jefferson’s Kentucky Resolution contended the state’s reduced (or state’s right) hypothesis that demonstrations by the focal government could be invalidated by the sovereign states whenever regarded illegal as the Resolution so considered the Alien and Sedition Acts. The goals invalidated the laws and added to the ascent of Republicanism and the fall of Federalism. The questionable issue contributed to a great extent to the Federalist party’s rout inâ the presidential appointment of 1800. The varying conclusions on how the legislature in the post-Revolutionary war period ought to be run at last made the first ascent in quite a while. The Federalist faith in an administration run by rich men and restricting Republican help for an agrarian culture split the nations’ individuals on the side of a legislature generally gainful to them. Varying responses to the French Revolution demonstrated the particular contrast in Federalist and Republican over inter national strategy. The National Bank and the extract charge on alcohol uncovered contrasting perspectives on how carefully the Constitution ought to be deciphered and the Alien and Sedition Acts uncover an endeavor of one gathering to break up another. The differentiating perspectives on Hamilton’s Federalism and Jefferson’s Republicanism were a definitive supporters of parting the country on perspectives on government and setting up the main ideological groups.

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Course Project 5 Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Course Project 5 - Case Study Example Today’s tempestuous monetary conditions settle on it hard settle on organized choices and long haul arranging; data is the most required resource for associations who need to have the option to react momentarily to changing elements and small scale blogging sites like twitter are rapidly turning into the quickest wellsprings of news there are-giving moment and pertinent updates. Answer 2. Twitter is a worldwide stage which is gotten to by individuals everywhere throughout the world. It is a free and extremely well known internet based life webpage and can be important for worldwide associations who need to convey on a successive premise and in an individual manner with their workers. With the ‘tweets’, the association can share news and any important data; if the workers are bought in to the channel, they will get those tweets on their landing page with no requirement for a conventional correspondence process. With things like retweeting and answering back, the workers living in any land area can straightforwardly converse with organization and in light of the straightforwardness of the stage can even get remarks or start a conversation with different representatives. The network gave lets representatives talk about tasks and systems in a casual manner. The utilization of silliness which is widespread on Twitter changes the tone of the discussion, giving everybody a similar measure of conversational power and may help conquer hindrances of social contrasts as you simply have 140 characters to come to your meaningful conclusion. This prompts a progressively cooperative condition and better thought age, affecting the general activities. Answer 3. The moment availability permitted by twitter can be used by Project Managers viably to stay in contact with their representatives. A committed venture twitter profile can be refreshed with news, significant data or used to speak with workers on a quick premise. It can likewise end up being a decent gathering to share about any misfortunes or achievements

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Martin Luther King Essays (2097 words) - Anglican Saints

Martin Luther King A Discussion and Analysis Of a portion of his Contributions As Well as their Social, Political and Economic Impacts. Since the Thirteen Colonies originally joined together, the United States has had one of the most grounded economies on the planet. Throughout the years, numerous scholars have had changing suppositions concerning the purpose behind this current country's solid financial standing. One explanation that has regularly been ignored is that a large number of this country's laborers have been affected by the Protestant hard working attitude. The reasoning behind this hard working attitude has driven numerous specialists to achieve as much as conceivable at their employments during their lifetimes. In the event that one man were to be given credit for the advancement of the Protestant hard working attitude it would need to be Martin Luther. Over the span of the following a few pages this scientist will inspect the ethic that has had such an extraordinary effect on the United State's economy what's more, on the economies of different countries. It has been proposed by such journalists as Weber and Smith that the Protestant hard working attitude initially created around the word calling. Basically, this term has a strict implication which is a task set by God. Be that as it may, steadily this term was extended to where it secured a large number of man's exercises. During the Protestant Reformation, the term calling began to take on another importance. Satisfying one's obligation in common issues turned into an errand of outrageous significance. bit by bit, satisfying one's obligation was significant as well as it turned into the ethical commitment of each individual (the most noteworthy type of good action). Prior to the Reformation, the Catholic Church didn't accept that ordinary world exercises had a strict centrality. Because of Luther these world exercises were very significant in clinging to God's desires. Instead of give one's life to adoring God through petition, and as opposed to giving up every common great to follow Christ, the Protestants accepted that the undertaking of each individual is to satisfy (to the best of his/her capacity) their assignments on earth. This extraordinary origination of the word calling was created by Luther during his first dynamic decade as a reformer. From the outset he accepted, in the same way as other different scholars, that ordinary world exercises were exercises of the substance. Despite the fact that these exercises were willed by God, they were in any case ethically nonpartisan. Be that as it may, steadily Luther started to challenge the life of the priests. He scrutinized them as driving a life without esteem as a methods for defense before God, yet he moreover views its renunciation of the obligations of this world as a result of self-centeredness, pulling back from fleeting commitments. This was in direct differentiation to the regular works of man. These common exercises were outward articulations of man's affection for other people and for God. In this manner, as per Luther, the best way to satisfy the hopes God has for us is to satisfy our common obligations. A significant point that Luther makes in reference to reasons for living is that each calling has a similar worth according to God. The impact of the Reconstruction that was started by Luther was that common work was given strict authorization. This stands contradicted to the Catholic convention which didn't give such common issues any ethical accentuation. Luther expressed that individuals may achieve salvation in any social status. it didn't make a difference what an individual did during their lifetime as long as they filled in as hard as could be expected under the circumstances. In difficult work and devotion to one's calling, salvation could be accomplished. Prior to Luther declared these convictions, individuals put little accentuation on the day by day undertakings they needed to finish. Employments had small significance aside from that they set bread on the table to eat. Be that as it may, with Luther's idea of the calling individuals presently had an ethical motivations to fill in as hard as possible. The occupations of individuals were given strict authorization and this lead to laborers endeavoring to accomplish more in their employments. Consequently, there can be no uncertainty that Luther changed the mentalities of individuals toward their jobs in the public eye. Individuals put another accentuation on their work jobs. In the accompanying pages the impact this had on the economy will be analyzed. The Foundation of Capitalistic Thought because of Luther putting such accentuation on an individual's calling, individuals started to invest wholeheartedly in their work. Rather than setting the entirety of one's accentuation on strict issues, individuals started to consider gaining a living in the most ideal manner conceivable so as to serve God. Luther ingrained in these individuals the idea that

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Get the Scoop on College Essays Prof Readers Services on Line Before Youre Too Late

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Psychology Positive And Negative Psychology - 955 Words

Positive Psychology We often think of psychology with a negative connotation. A reason for this is that for many years, psychologists focused more on the negative side of psychology. This part of psychology deals with peoples’ symptoms, wounds, disorders, and trauma (Morgan Nemec, 2013). This changed in 2000 when psychologist Martin Seligman founded the science of positive psychology (Schueller Parks, 2014). Although certain aspects of positive psychology were studied long before the branch was established, they were much less of a focus when compared to its negative counterparts (Morgan Nemec, 2013). Positive psychology strives to understand â€Å"the positive side of human functioning, expanding research on positive behaviors, cognitions, emotions, and character traits (Schueller Parks, 2014) Positive psychology can be used as a self-help method or can be used in professional psychiatric rehabilitation. When used as self-help, resources are provided directly to the individual and no expert assistance is involved. Although this method has proved useful for some, its downfall is that is not often based on â€Å"scientifically supported principles† (Schueller Parks, 2014). This in turn requires patrons to sort through the given material to find the material that is actually based on scientific principles. While this process might work for some, others often need more guidance and direction than self- help methods can provide (Schueller Parks, 2014). When professionalShow MoreRelatedPsychology : Positive And Negative Psychology1645 Words   |  7 PagesPositive psychology, is a new field of psychology that draw heavily on humanist influences. This area of psychology places its focus on understanding how to enhance our lives by studying what produces our happiness through the use of scientific methods to understand how this affects us leading healthy, happy and successful lives. Through the belief that society would like to lead meaningful and rewarding lives th e goal of positive psychology is to, in addition the other fields of psychology, accompanyRead MorePositive And Negative Impacts Of Social Psychology1404 Words   |  6 PagesSocial Psychology is defined as â€Å"a subfield in psychology that focuses on social interaction between people, how people influence and are influenced by others, and the relationship between the individual’s behaviors/cognitions and that of others in a group† (Robertson, 2002-2015). Within that subfield there are many theories and concepts that explain these feelings, thoughts, and beliefs that are constructed and how psychological factors influence our interactions with others. The topics examinedRead MorePositive Psychology At Gable And Haidt1098 Words   |  5 PagesPositive psychology according to Gable and Haidt (2005) can be defined as â€Å"the study of the conditions and processes that contribute to the flourishing of people, groups and institutions† (p. 103). Similarly, it can be described as the study of human strength and virtue to understand positive and emotionally fulfilling behaviour (Sheldon King, 2001). There are three dimensions or levels of positive psychology which are based on aspects of our life experiences. Our positive subjective experiencesRead MoreThe Behavioral Perspective Of Clinical Psychology993 Words   |  4 PagesClinical psychology is a relatively new area of study in the broad category of psychology. It is a subfield of psychology that covers a wide range and variety of topics and issues such as the study, diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders. (Feldman, 2010) Clinical psychologists also might deal with patients who have learning disorders, substance abuse, depression, anxiety and eating disorders. This paper will briefly discuss the behavioral perspective, some research methods in the fieldRead MoreThe Downfall Of Positive Psychology1654 Words   |  7 Pages The Downfall of Positive Psychology In Schrank’s â€Å"Positive psychology: An Approach to Supporting Recovery in Mental Illness† he discusses the definition, history, research, and psychotherapy that is involved with positive psychology. There are multiple definitions that psychologists have developed for positive psychology that stem from six core domains which are â€Å"(i) virtues and character strengths, (ii) happiness, (iii) growth, fulfilment of capacities, development of highest self, (iv) good lifeRead MoreThe Psychology Of Clinical Psychology967 Words   |  4 PagesClinical psychology is a relatively newer area of study in the broad category of psychology. It is subfield of psychology that covers a wide range and variety of topics and issues such as the study, diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders. (Feldman, 2010) This paper will briefly discuss the behavioral perspective, some research methods in the field of psychology, positive and negative components associated with clinica l psychology, and different controversies and ways to overcome theseRead MorePositive Psychology And Cognitive Behavior Therapy1520 Words   |  7 PagesThis aim of this essay is to provide an overview of Positive Psychology and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Strengths and weaknesses of both models are presented, as well has a discussion on areas where they are similar and different. Essay also highlights that whilst one model may be more suitable given the clients psychological state, the models may be utilized individually or complementing each other. Positive Psychology (PS) Positive Psychology is the scientific study of what makes life most worthRead MorePositive Psychology Can Not Make Us Happier887 Words   |  4 PagesPositive Psychology Cannot Make Us Happier The question of whether individuals can create their own happiness without the aid of external influences has been raised and researched. However, the answer to the question is unclear. Positive psychology is a branch of psychology that supports the theory that an individual’s happiness is under their personal control, independent of any external influences or validation. Consequently, researchers have uncovered evidence that provides mixed results regardingRead MoreSimilarities Between Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology1278 Words   |  5 PagesPositive Psychology and Coaching Psychology: Positive psychology and coaching psychology have certain similarities with regards to their development as responses to the status quo of the field. The status quo was deficit-based, pathology-focused, and based on essential assumptions regarding human nature. These fundamental assumptions were largely less than positive, especially when examined from a rational perspective. As responses to the status quo, positive psychology and coaching psychology areRead MoreCarol Rogers Influence in Psychology1264 Words   |  6 PagesInfluence on Modern Psychology Introduction Carl Rogers is considered the founder of client-centered therapy, which asserts that childhood experiences affect an individual’s feelings, thoughts, and behavior (Rathus, 2004). The therapist must see the world from that of the client to be effective in treatment. Rogers has influenced many psychological theories and therapies present today, especially positive psychology. Despite this fact, many who practice positive psychology do not, or are not

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Eastern Vs Western Medicine Essay - 1308 Words

Eastern vs Western Medicine When the average American catches a cold, they head to their doctor who assesses their condition and prescribes medication to help alleviate their symptoms. The patient then heads to the pharmacy, gets their medicine, starts a course of treatment, and eventually feels better. That is the average cycle of treatment in our society. Someone suffering from a headache will take a painkiller; for a cough, cough syrup; and for a stuffy nose, a decongestant. In the western part of the world, illness is treated with medicine, or more specifically, scientific medicine. At the core of modern western medicine is Germ Theory, which states that certain microorganisms can cause disease (Ritter Graham, 2017). If someone†¦show more content†¦According to Dr. Tan, Dr. Fuzun, and Dr. Akà §ay, out of the 499 patients using CAM, 13% did not see a significant difference in their health while 87% did see an improvement in their health status. The most preferred CAM th erapy was the use of herbs (2004). Many CAM therapies stem from the practices of traditional eastern medicine and can be used with or instead of western treatments. In a study conducted about male fertility in China, patients that underwent acupuncture showed an increase in sperm count, motility, and viability (Xiao-Ke, 2013). These studies displayed results from treatments based on eastern medicine techniques. Due to the nature of eastern medicine compared to western medicine, sometimes it can be difficult to collect tangible data on the results of eastern medicine. CAMs help solve this problem because their results can be monitored in a way that is similar to the way results of western medicine treatments are monitored. There are still many people on both sides of the spectrum that are skeptical about treatment methods that differ from what they are used to. The validity of an herbal healer in the western world is more likely to be questioned than that of a medical doctor; while in the east, families may have been seeing a healer for decades and are more likely to question the validity of a doctor practicing westernShow MoreRelatedAcupuncture Is A Therapeutic Technique Of Traditional Chinese Medicine ( Tcm )2153 Words   |  9 PagesIntroduction Acupuncture is a therapeutic technique of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which involves â€Å"the implantation of needles to different depths at a great variety of points on the surface of the human body†, in order to â€Å"stimulate deep-lying nerve-endings† and regulate â€Å"the circulation of qi and blood round the body † (Lu Needham, 2002:1). The history of acupuncture can be traced back to the Stone Age according to archaeological discoveries and the earliest available records of its principlesRead MoreIndian Hindu Epics Mahabharata And Ramayana1537 Words   |  7 Pagesculture or way of living and as narrow as a religious identity has found its way to generations through literature. Literature, especially Indian, has its crux implanted in the Hindu beliefs and ideas as the Indian way of life is the Hindu way. The essay basically focuses on the way Hinduism has crept into literary writings. It brings out the ways in which Hindu beliefs and ideas find their everlasting journey to nourish literature and humans on the ideal and the good. Symbolic writings have been aRead MoreChina a Threat to Indian Industry?1765 Words   |  8 PagesAre Chinese products a threat to INDIAN Industries 1) Are Japanese products a threat to US industries? Are Eastern EU products a threat to Western EU industries? 2) Is the Chinese Auto industries a threat to India? Dont know. Is the Chinese Food Product better than India? Dont think so. Is the Chinese Manga Books better than India? Dont think so. Is the Chinese textile industries a threat to India? Yes. Is the Indian software industries a threat to China? Yes. 3) As a wide range of cheap ChineseRead MoreSAT Top 30 Essay Evidence18536 Words   |  75 PagesP age |1 Top 30 Examples to Use as SAT Essay Evidence An exclusive special report from By Christian Heath P age |2 Table of Contents Introduction ................................................................................................................................................. 4 Adventurers and Explorers: Amelia Earhart (Female Aviation Pioneer) ................................................................................................ 5 ChristopherRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 PagesPHILADELPHIA Temple University Press 1601 North Broad Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19122 Copyright  © 2010 by Temple University All rights reserved Published 2010 Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Essays on twentieth century history / edited by Michael Peter Adas for the American Historical Association. p. cm.—(Critical perspectives on the past) Includes bibliographical references. ISBN 978-1-4399-0269-1 (cloth : alk. paper)—ISBN 978-1-4399-0270-7Read MoreEssay on The Positive Relationship Between Science and Religion6961 Words   |  28 Pagesscientific theory. During the early middle ages, which were roughly from 400AD to 900 AD, the Western Christian experienced stagnation in the area of science, due in part to the restructuring of lands and kingdoms due to the power struggle that Western Christian nations were experiencing which unfortunately resulted in a decline in formal education outside of monasteries. James Hannan notes in his essay Medieval Science, the Church and Universities â€Å"During the Middle Ages, the education infrastructureRead MoreCountry Notebook Essay12249 Words   |  49 PagesInc. (MPI) is a U.S. firm founded in 1998 by a small group of medical and scientific research professionals. The firm is unusual in that its product line is aimed at two specific but unrelated markets: prenatal and postnatal care and geriatric medicin e. The firm is now trying to export the company’s product, specifically LactAbound, which is a diet supplement for the prenatal market that helps mothers produce healthier milk, to South Korea. II. Brief discussion ofRead MoreGp Essay Mainpoints24643 Words   |  99 Pages GP NOTES 2010 (ESSAY) Content Page 1. Media a. New vs. Traditional b. New: narcissistic? c. Government Censorship d. Profit-driven Media e. Advertising f. Private life of public figures g. Celebrity as a role model h. Blame media for our problems i. Power + Responsibility of Media j. Media ethics k. New Media and Democracy 2. Science/Tech a. Science and Ethics b. Government and scientist role in science c. Rely too much on technology? d. Nuclear technologyRead MoreRisk Pooling in Health Care Finance18578 Words   |  75 Pageson education and higher workforce productivity). 3 Approaches to Risk Pooling The nature of the risk pooling arrangements is a matter of policy choice, which will be heavily influenced by a nation’s circumstances and its policy priorities. In western European countries risk pools are frequently entire regions or nations, reflecting the equity objective of securing universal coverage, often referred to as the solidarity principle. In the US risk pools are more heterogeneous, being based on factorsRead MoreA Picatrix Miscellany52019 Words   |  209 PagesLecture on Alchemy by Terence McKenna On the Moon and the Lunar Mansions IV. Extracts on the Moon V. The Mansions of the Moon: â€Å"On the Creation, Proportion and Composition of the Heavens for the Fashioning of Images† VI. The Picatrix: Lunar Mansions in Western Astrology VII. W. B. Yeats and â€Å"A Vision:† The Arab Mansions of the Moon On Ritual and Talismans Picatrix Astrological Magic Aphorisms Extracts on Planetary Ritual Clothing Twenty Two Benefic Astrological Talismans Astrology, Magical Talismans and

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Essay about Islamophobia Muslims and Terrorism Example For Students

Essay about Islamophobia: Muslims and Terrorism After 9/11 has induced negative attitudes towards Muslim peoples who tend to be strongly associated with any act of terrorism. The media has played a colossal role in developing such negative association wherein it constantly portrays Muslim people in combination with violent terrorist acts. It does so in a way that they both go hand-and-hand. In other words, it has made it as though the Islamic religion is synonymous with terrorism. The media has perpetuated Muslim stereotypes over the years that followed the 9/11 incident. Because of this, society has developed, and still has developed, this prejudiced mindset about the Islamic religion and the Muslim communities around the world. People immediately assume that any violent act being depicted through the media is the direct result of Muslims. They automatically generate this idea that the act was performed by a Muslim terrorist even when they were not involved whatsoever. Regardless of whether it was true or not, Islamic religion an d its Muslim adherents are at the top of societies’ agenda just waiting for the evidence to be generated so that they can then safely blame them for such world affairs. Again, this has led to the attack on the Islamic religion itself wherein people have come to postulate Islam as an act of oppression, violence and hatred towards non-Muslims. Anti-Muslim sentiments and campaigns have resulted from such misinformation the media has been generating and feeding its viewers. Islamophobia has become a new topic of interest among social sciences, political leaders and media commentators. People amongst society have developed this phobia towards Islamic religion and people. It has become a novel â€Å"form of racism in Europe and American based on discrimination towards Islam and Muslims† (Talal, n.d., p. 6). The term Islamophobia was coined by the Runnymede Trust that is based in the UK in order to describe two forms of racism (Talal, n.d.). On the one hand, it describes differences in the Muslims’ physical appearance in comparison to other religions, such as Christianity. The second form of racism it describes is based on their religious and cultural belief systems that have come to be viewed as intolerable by Western and European cultures. As previously mentioned, they are perceived as oppressive towards women and non-Muslims in general. This widespread of Islamophobia has resulted in political and religious leaders and media commentators t o â€Å"engage in a form of hate speech, asserting with impunity what would have never appear in mainstream broadcast or print media about Jews, Christians and established ethnic and racial groups in America† (Talal, n.d., p. 9). Therefore, Islamophobia is a serious problem that needs to be examined more carefully because it is a form of racism and discrimination not only towards the Islamic religion but also towards their cultural identity, their way of being. The host of The Savage Nation, Michael Savage, once articulated that The largest percentage of Americans would like to see a nuclear weapon dropped on a major Arab capital. They don’t even care which one†¦ I think these people need to be forcibly converted to Christianity. It’s the only thing that can probably turn them into human beings (p. 10).  We can see that Islamophobia has resulted in an invasion on Muslim Arabs in the Middle East who are all being put under the same umbrella—that of terrorists. The post 9/11 incident brought about a great deal of attention towards Muslim people; they became the center of social attention. However, such attention was not for the good but rather for the worse. 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Westerners were not quite familiar with the Muslim religion and Islamic people in that they did not perceive them as terrorists or dangerous citizens, at least their perception was not as prevalent as it currently is. The connection between Islam and terrorism was not intensified until the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center that pushed the Islamic faith into the national and international spotlight (Smith, 2013). As Smith (2013) articulated, â€Å"Many Americans who had never given Islam a second thought before 9/11 now had to figure out how to make sense of these events and relate to the faith tradition that ostensibly inspired them† (p. 1). One way in which people made sense of these events was through the media channels that influenced their overall opinions by shaping a framework of censored ideas (Yusof, Hassan, Hassan Osman, 2013). In a survey conducted by Pew Forum (2012), 32% of people reported that their opinions of Muslims were greatly influenced by the media’s portrayal of Islam that depicted violent pictorials and fundamentalist Muslims. Such constant negative depiction is likely to lead to the inevitable—prejudice and hate crime. For instance, in 2002 alone there were approximately 481 hate crimes that were carried out against Muslims (Smith, 2013). Ever since the 9/11 attacks Muslim people have been the target of â€Å"suspicion, harassment and discrimin ation† (Talal, n.d., p. 9). On the other end of the scale, people who are more familiar with the Islamic faith tend to report more favorable attitudes towards Muslim people in comparison to those who are not well-educated about Muslims and their religious faith (Smith, 2013). This is why education-based approaches need to be established that aim to teach people about the positive aspects of Islam, rather than focusing only on the negative elements that the media tends to do. Education-based approaches can perhaps shift peoples’ current attitudes from that of being discriminative towards Muslims and their religion to that of a more tolerable one. Furthermore, such education-based approaches can also eliminate, or at least reduce, the associations made between Muslims and terrorism. If Muslim Arabs continue to be negatively put under the social radar then religious groups and nations will not be able to live in harmony and will not be able to tolerate one another’s differences. Moreover, Western cul tures, as well as European, need to overlook the media’s false propaganda as it is only spreading the Islamophobia phenomenon. Again, if nothing is being done to mend the current social stance on Islam and Muslims as terrorists then subsequent generations will likely to experience similar discriminative attitudes in the prospective future. Put in other words, future generations will be the target of social attention similar to the current generation that is being misperceived as terrorists engaging in violent acts in the name of their religion. This false propaganda needs to be put to an end before matters worsen and before innocent children are attacked merely because of their religious affiliation, and being perceived as terrorists before they reach adulthood. With that in mind, we aim to examine the current attitudes towards Muslims and their religious faith and their viewpoints on terrorism amongst Halifax University students that includes a pool sample from Saint Mary’s University, Mount Saint Vincent University and Dalhousie University. We will examine current attitudes associated with the Islamic religion which will give us an idea as to whether or not there is a connection between those who are familiar with the Islamic religion and those who hold favorable attitudes. Our hypothesis is that those who are familiar with the Islamic religion will likely hold more favorable attitudes or at least will not hold discriminative outlooks towards such religious group. We also hypothesize that first year undergraduate students will carry more prejudice and discriminative attitudes towards Muslims in comparison to fourth year students who will have more favorable attitudes.